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Sunday, 6 September 2015



In the Administration view, you can make some basic settings for Test Organizer and BW reporting. You can also specify generally valid rules for the TBOM filter and TBOM criticality.


Test Organizer Settings
This is where you can make various central settings for test management. For example, you can define a workflow or set up a release status schema. 
Client–Side Automated Test Tool
You can register a client–side automated test tool (CBTA or a third-party test tool) with which you want to create automatic test cases. 
Third-Party Test Management Tool
You can register a partner tool that you want to use to manage test cases and test plans. 
Test Case Types in SAP Solution Manager
You can adjust types of test cases according to your organization's test strategy. You can, for example, deactivate a specified test case type if the license of a third-party tool has run out.
Test Tool Attributes
Here, you can configure the attributes that a third-party test tool can provide for a test script. 
Test Case Execution E-Mail
You can adjust E-Mail notification templates according to the corporate designs standards of your organization.
You can register users who are to be informed of test results, automatically by e-mail. 
Default Required Time of Test Case Types
You can specify a default time required per test case type. If no other time required is specified in a test case, the system uses the default time required to optimize the test scope.
Reporting (Analytics) Settings
Configure the BW system for BW reporting, and activate BI content. 
TBOM Utilities
Here, you can call up various utilities for creating or editing TBOMs. 
Maintain TBOM Filter
The TBOM filter specifies whether the Business Process Change Analyzer is to ignore specified objects in the TBOM. 
Maintain TBOM Criticality
You can assign criticality values to the objects in the TBOM. 


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