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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Recording a Test Script Using Component-Based Test Automation

Recording a Test Script Using Component-Based Test Automation

To record transactions in SAP GUI or CRM Web UI systems and create automated test cases, you can use SAP Component-Based Test Automation.
You can create tests and components from the screens of a transaction, and parameterize them. These tests are for a single transaction and can be combined into a scenario test. You maintain the components in the Test Composition Environment.


  1. Under Test Repository, choose the Test Scripts subview.
  2. Choose Create.
    A dialog box appears.
  3. Select CBTA as test tool and enter data as required.
  4. Specify the title, application component and system under test.
  5. Save your entries.
  6. Choose Start CBTA.
    A dialog box appears.
  7. Connect to the system under test.
    The Test Creation Wizard is started.
  8. Enter an analysis name. The recording is stored under this name and can later be used to generate another test script.
  9. To confirm, Choose Next.
    The executable is started. The Test Creation Wizard is in recording mode.
  10. Perform the business process.
  11. Optional: To add a checkpoint, in the Test Creation Wizard choose Add Checkpoint.
  12. To stop the recording, in the Test Creation Wizard choose Stop the PFA.
  13. Choose Next.
    The structure of the process flow is displayed.
  14. Verify that the business process is correctly and completely recorded, and choose Next to confirm.
  15. To create the test, select End the analysis and create the test, and choose Next to confirm.
    To cancel the recording, select End the recording without creating a test.
    The test components are uploaded to the Test Composition Environment.
  16. Choose Finish.


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