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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Test Plan Management

Test Plan Management

With this function you can:
  • Create
  • Change, copy or delete test plans


You organize tests after you have created a project structure in Create Business Blueprint. You have Configured, and want to test these configurations by process. When you create a test plan for a project, the default test plan structure is based on the structure of the Business Blueprint that you have previously created for your project.


With test plan management, you can:
  • Create, change, or copy test plans
  • Delete an individual test plan, or delete several test plans at the same time, after a test campaign, to clean up the system
  • Transport test plans
  • Divide test plans into test packages and assign them to testers
  • Monitor test progress with the status info system, and export test results
With test plan management, you can create test plans that are based on:
  • The project structure that you created in the Business Blueprint
  • One or more test catalogs
The test plans are the set of all test cases which you need for a specific test phase, and can comprise the following objects:
  • Manual test cases
  • External applications, for example, third-party test tools or an MS Word document
  • CATTs
  • eCATT test configurations
  • Function module tests
In the Utilities menu you can also:
  • See the worklists of individual testers
  • Upload and download notes
  • Display project data for a project to which a test plan is assigned
  • Check the system landscape of a project to which a test plan is assigned
You can create and print a test report which contains, for example, the test case descriptions, messages and status, in the Goto menu.
You can sort the test cases in test sequences within a test package or assign test cases to different testers. For better test execution control, you can set up a workflow that is based on a release status schema.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

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