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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tester Worklist

Tester Worklist

This view contains an overview of all test packages that have been assigned to you for testing.


You can:
  • Open test package to perform the test
  • Schedule automatic tests in the foreground or the background
  • Display an overview of scheduled automatic test jobs
  • Manage and edit test package attachments
  • Report errors in test cases
  • Display messages for a test package
  • Export list of test packages to Excel
At the bottom of the view, the test cases assigned to the selected test package are displayed: You can:
  • Tun an automatic test case
  • Open the description of a manual test case
  • Display the attributes of automatic or manual test cases
  • Display and update the messages asigned to a test case
  • Change the status of a test case


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